The materials of the chairs also depend upon the environment. The history of chair is very old and it is almost unable to define that who invented it. A brief account of most common chairs is given below: A balans chair or kneeling chair is one of the modern types of chairs and is used for exercisepurposes and seen very commonly in physical fitness centers. People are always looking for these type of chairs so that they can use them for special places. In a home environment simple elegant wooden chairs are used while in factories, plastic or metal chairs are used because they are durable and long lasting.Its unique shape makes it very popular among all the other chairs and it is used in special environments. It is globe shaped.But now a day's many types of chairs don't have arms at all. But chair transparent the main purpose of chair is to sit higher than the ground. These changes have been made keeping in view different types of needs. The definitions and explanations changes with the passage of time and now there are too many types of chairs that every type of chair has its own definition.. Sometimes different environments have diverse needs and to fulfill those needs the basic structure the chairs has to be changed. They were carved from wood and they were decorated with gold and silver. It is also not possible to find that how chair was formed for the first time. According to one of the most ancient definition chair can be defined as 'A piece of furniture consists of seat, legs, back and often arms designed to accommodate one person'. So it is preferred by many people and so it is used a lot. These chairs were very huge and they had a very massive structure. There are many different definitions and explanations in order to define 'chair'. It is one of the most important elements in all the furniture. Different types of engravings were done in wood and patterns were made in wood. From one of the most ancient civilization 'The Egyptian civilization' articles of chairs have been found. Chair is one of the main items of furniture and furniture is thought to be incomplete without chairs. Royal chair has a great importance in all these civilizations and every person of that time has a dream to have it. There is a great diversity in these types of chairs. These patterns were filled with gold and silver to make them shinny. It is more comfortable them sitting on the ground. Now these types of chairs are not made because they are too much expensive and no one can afford these kinds of chairs. Some of the old chairs are preserved and are displayed in museums for people. Almost all of the offices and most of the houses have sets of chairs.Ball chair is also a modern type of chair very comfortable to sit and found mostly in houses.


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